Broken Leg: How to Reduce Pain and Speed up Recovery Time

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A 35-year old women, whom I previously treated for back pain, one day called me and said that she slipped on the floor at supermarket and broke her right leg at the ankle-bone. She said that she at home and hers leg in the plaster. She was in bad pain and asked me to help her. I decided to go to her place and help her.

Diagnosis and Treatment

According to Su Jok theory any trauma leads to excess of Coldness energy. Therefore the purpose of the treatment was sedation of the Coldness energy in the affected area. broken-leg-trauma-treatment

First of all I massaged the painful points according to Su-Jok’s basic and mini corresponding systems and warmed up them using Moxa. I then put needles to the same points for 30 minutes
which had a significant impact on the level of pain and my patient felt much better.

In a few days I returned to repeat the same treatment.

When she was able to walk again, she came to me and I continued the treatment at my clinic. I performed Energy Flow Therapy (EFT) for sedation of the Coldness energy in the area of the broken bone.

After plaster removal I continued the treatment using magnets and massage.

My patient reported that my Su-Jok treatments significantly improved her recovery time.

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