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According to wikipedia: Erectile Dysfunction (ED or male impotence) is a sexual dysfunction characterized by the inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis.

Statistics suggest that 40% of men reaching the age of 35-40 to a certain degree suffer from impotence.

Impotence could happen for a variety of reasons, some of which are:

  • inflammatory diseases of the urogenital system;
  • insufficient arterial blood-groove in vessels;
  • diabetes;
  • hormonal infringements;
  • various traumas;
  • surgery;
  • depression and stresses;
  • malnutrition;
  • inactive way of life

Key Points

First of all let’s identify the points on our hands that you’re going to work with. These points are connected with the organs that affect sexual functionality.

Point corresponding to kidney and adrenal glands are shown at 1,2.These points are on the back of a palm in a small recesses.


Fig 1

treating-impotence-2Fig 2

Genitals and area of umbilicus points are shown at figure 3.

treating-impotence-3Fig 3

Pituitary gland points are shown at figure 4.

treating-impotence-4Fig 4


The first part of the treatment involves heating up the mentioned points with moxa.

Read about Moxa if you aren’t familiar with it.

Light up moxa and bring it close to the points described earlier in this article. Keep it at distance of about 1cm (?”) from the surface of the skin. See how it’s done on the picture:

treating-impotence-5Fig 5

Make little circular movements above each point slowly coming close to the skin until you feel a burning sensation, at which point you should move moxa away. Repeat this procedure 3-5 times on each point, once a day for twenty days.

The second part of the treatment involves application of seeds on the area corresponding to genitals as shown in a picture 6. You can do that treatment in parallel with the first part.

treating-impotence-6Fig 6

You can use lentil, fennel, parsley seeds and even small slices of garlic. You secure the seeds in place using a band-aid or some other alternative. Don’t forget to replace seeds to fresh ones about once of a day. You also need to press on them lightly from time to time to better stimulate those points.

The third part of the treatment should be done once you completed the 20 day-course of the first two parts.

That final part is connected with the Six-energy theory, explained in detail in article Knee-Pain Treatments. According to Su Jok theory libido decrease is connected with decrease of Hotness energy and therefore your goal will be to increase this energy. To accomplish that, attach lentils according to figure 7.

treating-impotence-7Fig 7

Carry out this procedure three times a week for one month. Again don’t forget to change the lentils to fresh ones every day.

Supplements and Diet

While doing the course, it’s encouraged to supplement your diet with royal jelly for about three months.

Other good things to eat to increase your libido include pine nuts, almonds, spirulina, and sea fish.

Life Style

Finally you may need to adjust your life style to a healthier one, where you eat well and on a regular basis, do sports and take care of your body and health. You may want to consider taking a break from consuming substances, such as cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, etc.

It’s important to conduct a regular sexual life, avoiding long periods of abstention, but also not to have excessive sex.

If you liked this self-healing technique, “Self Healing Series” has more self-empowering materials.

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    it’s a wonderfull technique – amazing result

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    Is this treatment the same for women, for increasing libido?
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    You could replace the lentils with black pepper?
    Do I have to put lentils specific color or any color?

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