Treatment of Fragile Fingernails

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A 55 year old woman, came to me complaining about a sudden deterioration of her fingernails. Her fingernails were indeed fragile, soft and easily bent.? She couldn’t associate this sudden deterioration of her fingernails with any recent event or a specific medicine. She also complained about issues with her digestion,? constipations, bad sleep, occasional hot flashes and a sense of cold in her back.


First I performed a computer test using the TestBalance device, according to Su Jok theory. You can see the results of the test on figure 1.nail-1

The test showed that meridians of Bladder ( Bl ) and Kidney ( Ki ) were in great excess.

These two meridians concern Coldness energy, therefore it was possible to infer that Coldness energy dominates in her organism at present. It can affect any organs, in particular the Liver and the Gall Bladder.

In traditional Chinese medicine, nail quality is often used to check the condition of the liver, as the two are interconnected. The Coldness energy dominating in the Liver can slow down growth of nails, making them fragile.

The diagram created by the TestBalance device supports that suggestion, since on that diagram we can see Liver deficiency and Gall Bladder meridian excess, which again testifies that there is a problem with patient’s liver.


The treatment was designed to reduce the Coldness energy in the liver and the whole system (see figures 2 and 3):

I did two session of the treatment. After the first session the condition of the fingernails was considerably improved and after the second session it was almost normal.

After the second treatment, I performed another computer test using the TestBalance device? and as you can see from figure 4, this time all energy systems are in a much better balance.


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