Treatment Of Depression Due To A Loss Of A Loved One

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A female client of mine told me that her husband has passed away recently. He was not old of age. This couple had no children and after her husband’s death my client had no relatives left in this world.

Her husband was a teacher. One day at a party he suddenly lost the ability to speak, and he couldn’t recognize his whereabouts. It never happened before. Doctors diagnosed him with a brain tumor after that incident. And the tumor was removed surgically.

That’s when the battle again the decease started. In the beginning all was quite good. He was even able to go back to work, but within a few month his condition got worse. My client had to leave her job to look after her husband. They tried everything they could to help him get him better, but it was all in vain. In a few months he died while he was at a hospital.

I met this women before, and when I saw her this time I couldn’t recognize her. She became thin and looked quite unwell.

After the husband’s death my client got into a deep depression. She felt she had no reasons left to live. Eventually this feeling became dull, but she still had insomnia, apathy and absence of appetite. That’s when she approached me looking for help.


According to Su Jok theory, emotions of a sadness, which arise in a case of loss of a loved one, can be dominant and lead to depression, as all other emotions are suppressed.

On the energy level excess of the dryness energy (Lung meridian) was observed in my client.


For the treatment of this case I used Su Jok technique for reducing of the dryness energy (emotion of sadness) and tonification of the heat energy (emotion of joy ).
In parallel when my patient lay on the bed? the Lung meridian was balanced by means of Jin Shin technique.
From my experience such combination brings very good results.

treatment-of-a-deep-depressionOn the figure you can see the acupuncture points I used according to Su Jok theory.

After three session of the treatment my client regained her normal sleep.

At that same time she started to cough. Yet she had no cold. That confirms that my work on the Lung meridian was successful, as it shows a release of stagnation in the chest area.

The client still feels rather sad, but now she started to have optimism in her future.

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