How to Keep Flat Stomach And Trim Waistline

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In my experience abdominal muscles are the hardest to maintain in good shape. This is even harder for women. It works in the best way if this is being done from the young age. It’s much harder to do if you weren’t paying attention to it and now decided to get a flat stomach and trim your waistline.

Why we need to keep our stomachs flat?

The obvious reason – is to look “good”, the less obvious one is to be healthy. Having a flat stomach helps prevent injuries and various diseases that can otherwise develop.

Goal Setting

Before you even start the process on getting your stomach flat, it’s very important to set the intention and visualise your stomach flat. Your sub-consciousness will play a big part in this process and it’ll do everything to bring you to the image you’ve created. So every time you start exercises, see yourself the way you want to look.

These exercises don’t take a lot of time – only 5 to 10 minutes daily. But you need to do those regularly, so that they become a second nature to you.

Most likely the transformation will not happen overnight, so get ready to persevere and get where you want to be. It’ll be a long journey, and every step brings you closer to the goal. Self determination is a key here.


You can exercise forever, but if won’t do you any good if your eating habits are bad. This is because any weight you lose exercising, you can quickly re-gain because you don’t eat properly. So it’s important that as you set off on this journey you review your dietary habits and make some adjustments.

Avoid eating too much fat foods. Eat more healthy foods like vegetables, fruit, whole wheat bread, low fat cheese, yogurts and foods containing complete proteins, vegetable fats. Drink natural fruit juices and a lot of water.


There are two approaches to choose from:

  1. – To train all three groups of stomach muscles daily
  2. – To train only one group of muscles per day. For example:
  1. first day – the abdominal exercises
  2. second day – oblique
  3. third day – muscles of the bottom part of stomach
  4. the fourth day – rest.

When you do your exercises do them very slowly, keep your eyes close and imagine the muscles you’re exercising at that moment.

Don’t forget to breath.

Don’t forget to suck in your stomach all the time: while walking, standing and sitting, both at work and outside of it.

Example of exercises for stomach muscles.

In a prone position on the back make 30 straight sit ups, then 30 sit ups to the right knee and another 30 to the left. Carry out these exercises slowly, then repeat them in the same order. Next do the same exercises with a faster rate.

Next time try to freeze at the top of the sit up, hold the breath and execute 15 short and fast micro-sit ups.

With time gradually increase the number of sit ups.

Before and after the exercises it’s very helpful to do stretching.

I wish you good luck on your journey to flat stomach and trim waistline.

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