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How To Get Rid Of A Headache | Self Healing Techniques Series

June 29, 2008 by admin | 15 Comments | Filed in Migraine, Self Healing, Su Jok

It’s most certain that you’ve suffered from a headache at least once in your lifetime, but you read this probably because you have chronic headaches which make your life miserable. It is most likely that so far in order to keep the ever annoying pain under control you used to swallow pills. Headache medicine is […]

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Eliminating Over-The-Eye Migraine

June 14, 2008 by admin | 1 Comment | Filed in Acupuncture, Massage, Migraine, Su Jok

A 35-year old woman, my patient, came to me with a strong pain over the left eye. The pain was throbbing in character and aggravated when lying down. She lived near my house and therefore she was able to come to me as soon as she had the pain. Earlier I treated her for back […]

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Distance Healing For Headaches

June 5, 2008 by admin | No Comments | Filed in Migraine, Su Jok

One of my patients, a fifteen year old girl, a swimmer, suffers from chronic back pain. She had a scoliosis, and often her swimming practice caused her bad back pain. Also she complained about periodic pains on the back of her head. Recently she called me and told that she had to leave school because […]

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Attacking the Migraine Attack

June 1, 2008 by admin | No Comments | Filed in Migraine, Su Jok
Alternative Felix Healing treatment 3

One of my patients, a forty years old woman, suffers from chronic back pain and severe migraines. Recently she has called me and complained about having an unbearable migraine. As I couldn’t meet with her in person at that moment, I decided to perform distance healing using Su-Jok. Using my own finger I found a […]

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