Distance Healing For Headaches

June 5, 2008 by admin | Filed under Migraine, Su Jok.

One of my patients, a fifteen year old girl, a swimmer, suffers from chronic back pain. She had a scoliosis, and often her swimming practice caused her bad back pain. Also she complained about periodic pains on the back of her head.

Recently she called me and told that she had to leave school because she felt a strong pain on the back of the head. I decided to perform distance healing using Su-Jok.


The pain was probably connected with the energy meridian of Bladder that also testified the back pain.


healing headache su jok

At first I massaged the painful points on my thumb corresponding to the areas according to Su Jok therapy. Next I put the needles on the dummy hand, imaging the head of the girl. In half an hour she called me to report that the pain disappeared.

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