Treatment of Bronchitis

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A sixty year old woman, has been recently suffering from a strong bronchitis, which was formed after she had a flu. Her cough was so strong that she had run to a washroom after each attack and these attacks were very frequent. The X-ray of the lungs did not show any inflammation. In addition she had severe pains in the right part of her thorax which were aggravated at a sigh. She has been very upset since she had been ill for more two months without any signs of improvement.

I agreed to treat her, and requested that she came to see me several days in a row.


At first I performed a computer test using the TestBalance device. The results are summed up in the following diagram:

test balance svetaThe test has shown that the organism is under extreme stress.
This can be seen in the diagram as there is a great deviation of energy meridians.

The dryness energy in the right meridian of lung (Lu) is in excess, which suggests that there is an inflammatory process.

Additionally one can see a general chronic insufficiency in lungs. All three of the energy meridians – small intestines (Si), tripper warmer (Th), large intestines (Li) are energetically low, as her organism was poisoned by a sequence of two courses of antibiotics, prescribed by her family doctor.

The meridians of gall bladder ( Gb) and liver (Lv) are in a strong excess which explains her pains.

Finally the add test with the TestBalance device showed an excess of humidity energy in structure of lungs.


humidity sedation in lungs

The treatment consisted of 9 sessions of Su Jok therapy and application of magnetic acupressure suction cups.

The purpose of the treatment was to sedate the humid energy of the lungs and to balance the organism as a whole.

At the end of the treatment course my patient was healthy.

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