Su-Jok Therapy helps Mother Recover from Depression after her Son’s Death

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L.58 years old, lives in Moscow. Recently her son died from cancer. He was only 37 years old. He left two small kids (ages of two and four) and a young wife. Two women stayed alone.

Both women were so devastated that they couldn’t talk or see other people. They couldn’t work and won’t even eat. The mother was an old family friend. We were trying to support them, but not much was changing, as the pain was so unbearable. L. was in a deep depression and wasn’t open to help.

One day I decided to try Su JoK Therapy for distance healing, (because we don’t live in the same country).

On the phone I told her the time I’m going to do the treatment. Then I performed the first treatment using the special dummy hand for imaging L.’s hand.

Just after a single treatment, L. reported that she was able to sleep for the first time since the death of her son.

I continued performing the same treatment at the same time every day for a period of one week. Each day I spoke with the patient and learned that day by day her depression was decreasing, her voice got stronger, she stopped crying and at the end of the week, was even able to return to work.

Delighted with success of the treatment, I decided to try to help her daughter-in-law. She sent me her photo by email. As she hadn’t been eating since her husband’s death her weight was then a mere 40kg (for her height is 1m70!). After treating her with Su-Jok she too was able to return to normal, started to eat, returned to work and was able to take care of her children.

Details of the Treatment

According to Su-Jok therapy the human body has six kinds of energy (six ki), that cooperate with each other. In healthy body they have been balanced. A disorder of energetic balance due to any cause-internal or external (like in this case-death of close relative) brings illness on the emotional and physical level. My patients suffered from stress-related disorders. In the majority of cases treatment of stress is carried out using psychotropic medication with sedative and depressing effects which, apart from negative consequences of their prolonged use, are inevitably accompanied by well-known side-effects of psychotropic preparations making their prescription to working people impossible.

Instead of using the usual approach I dealt with their stress using Su-Jok therapy, which is simple, universal and highly effective, and also has the great advantage of having no side effects.

By the terminology of Su-Jok therapy excess of “sadness energy” reduces energy of joy. My task was to balance both of these energies. I inserted the acupuncture needles to the corresponding places on the dummy hand, while in my mind I was imagining my patient.

The positive result came about immediately which was very rewarding for me.

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