Attacking the Migraine Attack

June 1, 2008 by admin | Filed under Migraine, Su Jok.

One of my patients, a forty years old woman, suffers from chronic back pain and severe migraines.

Recently she has called me and complained about having an unbearable migraine. As I couldn’t meet with her in person at that moment, I decided to perform distance healing using Su-Jok.

Using my own finger I found a painful point corresponding to the areas of pain according to Su-Jok therapy and put needles there.

After that I went on with my affairs and for a while have forgotten about the needles on my finger. A casual movement has inserted one of the needles deeper inside and I immediately felt pain and pulled the needles out, realizing that it wasn’t such a good idea to walk around with needles stuck in my hand :)

My patient then called me and reported that after I began the treatment session, the pain has gradually decreased, and then she suddenly felt a sharp pain (exactly corresponding to the time I had a little accident with the needle in my finger) and the migraine pain instantly disappeared.

Later on, I treated this women again, using distance healing with Su-Jok, and that time I used a dummy hand to stick needles in, deploying the basic system of correspondence of the Su-Jok therapy, imaging a head of my patient. And this time the healing occurred in the same way, but this time having my hands free of needles.

This shows really well how the power of intention works. You can do it with your own finger, a dummy one and even having it fully imagined in your head.

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