Using Su Jok to Cope with Emotional Problems

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Here is the letter which I’ve recently received from a 45 year old woman, who is a patient of mine.

Reasons for Seeking Treatment

I started a new job as an office manager in a hospital. This meant a big change in the work environment for me, as I had worked in a high-tech company before. I wanted to work in an organization that helps people but I was not emotionally prepared for the daily close encounter with disease and suffering. I had to go through an emotional adjustment process. My boss was a senior physician, nervous and tired, frustrated and disappointed with his own life. He was extremely difficult to work with: Screaming at everyone all day long, constantly complaining about everything: From the poor professional performance of his employees to the uncivilized behavior of the human kind at this day and age. When it came to administrative skills he was absent minded, unorganized and inefficient. He gave me a lot of work, which I was prepared to do, but disrupted my work constantly by calling me in to his office for every little thing, sometimes twenty times an hour. The negative energy he projected was destructive for me. Writing these lines makes me wonder why I didn’t leave the job right away?..

  • I felt extremely stressed: I felt pressure in my chest all the time. I felt it was difficult to breath. My entire body was uptight. I felt physically and emotionally tormented all the time, even when I left work at the end of the day and even on weekends.
  • I felt depressed: I felt that here was no reason for living and I can’t carry on anymore.
  • I felt exhausted: I could not fall asleep because of the stress, and when I did I was having bad dreams about illness. I had no energy and I don’t know how I kept going?
  • I felt weak: As if I can’t cope with the bad energy around me, and as if the environment is poisoning me.
  • I looked for help: I wanted something physical and spiritual that will release the stress, strengthen my body and soul and help me cope.

My brother suggested I go to Felix.

Felix’s Help:

I came to Felix about a month after I started the job. On the first session he released some of the physical tension that accumulated in my body but during the days after this session I felt my emotional state was actually becoming worse and I was so depressed that I actually felt I don’t want to live. I didn’t go back right away. I returned after about a month and explained to Felix what the reaction was. Things started to improve from the second session: Again, he relieved my physical tension, and I also underwent an emotional improvement process as well: I started feeling happy at times. The length of these times increased constantly. I also felt stronger and more able to cope. And finally for the first time in a few months I felt relaxation – I could actually finish a hectic day at work and go home and relax and unwind. Another most important change was my ability to detach myself from what I call the “bad energy” projected by my boss, and take everything more easily. My reaction is a little different after each session. Sometimes I feel a “wave” of happiness and joy that lasts a few days after a session. Sometimes I feel calm and content. Sometimes I just feel relaxed, but always positive emotions.

The process is still ongoing. I would like to continue and see where this physical and spiritual journey takes me.

Thank you Felix!

(end of letter)

Diagnostics and Treatment

I have estimated her condition as a depression, therefore the treatment
needed to be applied at the emotional level.

sedation UM sadnessAccording to Su Jok theory of therapy, depression is estimated as an excess of the sadness energy, which relates to the meridian of the Lung and the meridian of the Large Intestine. Considering the relative duration of the event, and also the constitution of the patient, the first necessary step was to sedate the sadness energy of the meridian of the Lung.

After the first treatment the patient was thinking whether to continue the treatment and after a long break she came back for more.

tonification um joy energyThat subsequent session had a very good outcome. In addition to sedation
of sadness energy in that treatment I concentrated on tonification of joy energy.

The third treatment was directed on the tonification of anger energy, which relates to the Liver and Gall Bladder meridians. This treatment was necessary to increase patient’s resistance to negative energy.tonification-um-anger energy

All sessions included acupressure on the patient’s back area, and a usage of Moxa on Conception Vessel (CV) meridian to raise the
woman’s general energy.

Seven treatments were given so far and a few more will probably be needed.

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