Gluten Found To Be The Reason For Allergy Attacks

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A 54 year-old woman had been suffering from a strong allergy which manifested as a strong skin itch in the wrist area and a strong stomach swelling, especially in the evenings.

After the course treatment of cortisone preparations failed to deal with the condition, and since none of the other conventional medicine she had tried before worked, she contacted me.

She told me that she had been suffering from a climacteric syndrome since the age of 49.

Based on the previous experience I’ve decided to check whether she might be allergic to gluten. Gluten is known to cause an allergic reaction to people who are sensitive to it. Gluten is a usual ingredient in bread and other flour-based products.

I tested a variety of food products twice — once using the pendulum and a second time using the TestBalance device.

When testing with Pendulum, I held the pendulum in the right hand, while holding the patient’s hand in my left, while the patient held various foods and medicines in her hand. Pendulum indicated when the object contained gluten and she might have been allergic to it, and then the suggestion was confirmed by the labels.

Testing with TestBalance was somewhat similar. When a food product was undesirable to the client was held by her, TestBalance would show an increase in deficiency or excess of the Spleen Meridian.

This little test showed that the more recent prescriptions she had been using had a considerable amount of gluten in it. I recommended that my patient review her food and medicines and as much as possible eliminate gluten-based products from her diet.

With this patient, gluten had a delayed effect. She would eat a slice of bread (with gluten) in the morning, and she would then get a bloated stomach in the evening.

Once she followed my recommendation and gluten was eliminated from her diet, the situation started to improve. The itch disappeared and her stomach bloats only infrequently.

She has been watching for gluten in her foods for approximately a year. Now when she occasionally eats bread with gluten it doesn’t cause the allergic reaction anymore.

While she had the allergy, I treated her with conditioning massage and Jin-Shin Acupressure.

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