Anger Leads to Epigastric Pain

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My patient came to me with her 14-year old daughter. The girl had been suffering from epigastric pain for a year. (Epigastric pain” means pain in the stomach area.) During the epigastric pain sometimes there was a headache. At age of 12 the girl had the Gall Bladder removal operation. Her mom recalls that in her early childhood the girl often expressed anger and used to be very irritable.

The girl was very worried before the first treatment and refused to do acupuncture.

Her mom thought that some of the medicine her daughter took could have been the cause of the pain, but she couldn’t figure which one if any was at fault.


The epigastric pain in this case is connected with the emotional condition
of the girl. Emotion problems have a profound influence on stomach disorders. Emotion of anger in the TCM is connected with the meridians of the Gall Bladder and the Liver. Emotional states such as anger and resentment lead to situation described in 5-Element terms as Wood overacting on Earth. If the predominant emotion is outright and expressed anger leading to Liver-Yang rising, it prevents the Stomach-Qi from descending, which results in epigastric pain.


In the first session I found a painful point in standard corresponding system of Su Jok and applied massage to it. Then I used Moxa to warm up this point. Next I put a chakral’s magnet on this point for 4 o’clock.epigastric-pain-chakra-magnet

I explained to the girl how to attach a buckwheat grain on painful points for self-treatments at home.

After the first session the pain disappeared and did not appear any more. I continued the treatments in which I used Jin Shin Acupressure. I used three formulas: The Great Regulator, Liver and Gall Bladder.

The girl has been healthy for more than a year now.

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