Eliminating Over-The-Eye Migraine

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A 35-year old woman, my patient, came to me with a strong pain over the left eye. The pain was throbbing in character and aggravated when lying down. She lived near my house and therefore she was able to come to me as soon as she had the pain.

Earlier I treated her for back problems. Also she was inclined to depression in connection with a problem in her family.


I diagnosed my patient using the TestBalance device. The results summer up in the following diagram:testbalance-migraine

Based on these results it became obvious that patient’s constitution was A-Cold. In this constitution energy of Wind (meridian of the Gall Bladder – GB), energy of Cold (meridian the Bladder – BL) and energy of Dryness (meridian of the Large Intestine – LI) are in an excess and energies of Heat (meridian of the Heart – HR), Hotness (meridian of Triple Warmer – TH) and of the Humidity (meridian of the Stomach – ST ) are in deficiency. Such circumstances could result in pain and localization of this pain can be according to arrangement of the meridian of Gall Bladder over the eye.


su-jok-migraine2I massaged the painful points according to the basic correspondence system and mini-systems of Su-Jok Therapy and subsequently did acupuncture on the same points.

su-jok-migraineIn parallel I put two needless in a point corresponding to the gall bladder in the basic Su Jok correspondence system.

In ten minutes the pain disappeared and so far didn’t come back.

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