Treatment of Swollen Finger Joints

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A 60-year old women came to me, complaining about suddenly swollen up finger joints on both hands. She didn’t understand why it was happening to her, but she thought that there might be a connection either with her disease and/or the medicine she has been taking to reduce her cholesterol level. Her joints were unnaturally bent and they were painful.


According to Su Jok therapy issues with joints correspond to Wind energy and to the Gall Bladder and the Liver meridians. Considering that the illness has manifested itself rather recently and that the joints were swollen up, I concluded that this was the case excessive branch energies of Dryness and Humidity in AH-Wind (Gall Bladder). The joint swelling could be related to Humidity energy and their bending and pain to Dryness or Coldness energy.


sedation-of-the-branch-drynessThe treatment was directed to reduce the Dryness energy and tonify the Hotness energy in the Gall Bladder meridian.

Additionally, using Su Jok techniques, I put needles to the points corresponding to the finger joints — one needle for each finger.

finger-joints-5-needlesAt the end I explained to my patient how to attach a buckwheat grain on painful points for self-treatments at home.

After the first session the swelling of the joints reduced by about thirty percent. After a total of nine treatments her finger joints returned to normal.

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