How Climacteric Syndrome Problems Were Solved

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A 48-year old women had been suffering from a severe form of climacteric syndrome for two years. She had very frequent “hot flashes”, suffered from panic attacks and often experienced chest oppression and heart palpitation. Her dreams were very disturbing. Preceding to that she often suffered from constipation and had a chronic bronchitis. Her medical history included a surgery, which removed the uterus and lowered function of the thyroid gland. This patient smoked a lot. She had a contraindication to hormonal prescriptions and therefore she wanted to be treated by alternative medicine.


I diagnosed my patient using the TestBalance device according to Su Jok theory. climacteric-syndrom-before-treatment-1

The result is shown in the following diagram. From the diagram the following things can be observed:

  • A great deviation of the energy meridians tells that the women is in a stressful state.
  • Deficiency of the Lung (Lu) meridian points to the chronic bronchitis and smoking.
  • Excess of the Pericardium (Pc) meridian points to the “hot flashes” and palpitations.
  • Deficiency of the Small Intestine (SI) and Triple Heater (Th) meridians points to lowered function of the thyroid.
  • Deficiency of the Kidney (Ki) meridian is connected with “hot flashes” of the women.
  • Excess of the Large Intestine and Spleen meridians and deficiency of the Stomach points to the constipation.

According to Su Jok theory the patient has a UM-Heat constitution. In this constitution three energies are in excess: Heat/Hotness (Heart and Pericardium meridians), Humidity (Spleen meridian) and Wind (Liver meridian) and two energies are in deficiency: Coldness (Kidney meridian) and Dryness (Lung meridian).


In the first stage I did symptomatic therapy. The aim of that treatment was to remove the dominating symptoms of disease. I stimulated the corresponding points with needles, moxa and massage.


In the second stage I used Six Ki treatment on byol meridians. The treatment was directed to sedation of UM-Hotness in the basic corresponding system and sedation of Wind energy in structure of Heart for palpitation elimination which troubled my patient much.


I did seven treatment sessions. She has been feeling much better since the treatment. She returned for a follow up session six months later and the following diagnostics-test was performed at that time.climacteric-syndrom-after-treatment

It can be seen from that diagram that now all energy systems are better balanced.

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