Self Healing Techniques or How to Be Your Own Doctor

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The “heal yourself” series includes a variety of techniques on how most of the time you can heal yourself without using any drugs or even visiting doctors. Pharmaceutical companies and some of the western medicine practitioners don’t want you know that you are a healer by birth and that you can help yourself without helping those companies get richer, while making you dependent on them. Therefore the aim of the following articles is to empower you and help you be less dependent on others and be in charge of your own health.

A simple example that shows that you’ve got healing hands is to remember the last time you stubbed a finger or hurt any body part — you will probably remember that you’ve grabbed and squeezed that body part with a healthy hand. You do that automatically without thinking. This is because you’ve got “healing hands” as we all do. The only missing part is a little bit of a belief, which goes a long way towards your healing process. Because intention matters the most.

Without much farther ado, I present to you “Self-healing Techniques” or “How to Be Your Own Doctor”:

[More to come…]

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6 Responses to “Self Healing Techniques or How to Be Your Own Doctor”

  1. char schmidt says:

    I have celulitis in my leg and I have a problem with swelling around the ankle.
    I have tried everything. I am currently going to a reflexologist and a massage therapist to work on the leg mainly. I also do a foot detox 2 times a week. This seems to be helping.a little. I am overweight 280 lbs. I have tried hundreds of diets and only gain in the end. I am going to do this seneca Indian Cleansing.
    I will work this inbetween the others. Any other suggestions???

  2. admin says:

    The swelling of your ankle is connected with the excessive weight. In parallel with the diet it is necessary to reduce your desire to eat (See: How To Get Rid Of Bad Anxiety Habits) and you probably want to find an acupuncturist for your acute condition.

  3. Emma Miller says:

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH for explaining su jok in such an easy way, great illustrations! Awesome!!!!
    I am going to treat my tinnitus, most likely caused through tension in neck and shoulders.
    2 years ago a su jok therapist treated a trigeminal inflammation, after just 3 sessions I was pain free!!! No drugs!!!! Like a miricle.
    I’ve been looking for su jok on the Internet for quite a while. THIS IS THE VERY BEST!!! So thanks again.

  4. Manish says:

    i just want to say thanks alotfor this kind of way to teach us about self healing . i have learn more about su jok therapy by this post. thanks . . i m also waiting for other post. that are amazing

  5. vardhan says:

    I am suffering with constipation from sevarall years and everyday elimination of stool is not completely.And intesinal gas is released so many times in evrnings especially happend. Kindly sugest me sujok acupuncture points for relief

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