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The Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is a problem of many people these days and it gets worse all the time as we spend more and more time using computers, and less and less people can choose not to use the keyboard and the mouse. It’s funny that even while you read this very article your hand is most likely resting on a mouse.

Those of us who have to type and use the mouse for many hours in a row day after day are very prone to developing RSI. However if you aren’t a computer professional, you are still in the same risk group. In fact as a non-professional you are more likely to develop RSI, because professionals typically buy ergonomic equipment and office furniture which helps prevent the repetitive strain injury, whereas you don’t.

The main reason for RSI is excessive loading on joints that were not designed by nature to bear the repetitive weight and movements that happen while (mostly incorrectly) using the keyboard and mouse.

The main symptom for RSI is obviously a wrists’ pain, but often a feeling of weariness and tiredness are present as well.

In this article I’ll show you some simple techniques that helps to take care of the RSI condition if you have one and also prevent it if you feel that you might be close to getting one. Simply following these simple steps:

Step 1

First you need to massage two important points on your hands. To find those points place your fingers according to figure 1.


Edge of the index finger will coincide with a place of the point 1. As shown on figure 2


lift up the thumb of the left hand (if you search for a point on the left hand) and by a finger of the right hand find a small deepening in the place according to figure 2.This is a point 1.

The second point find according to figure 3. This point is in a big deepening.


Now massage these points with the constant moderate effort while slightly rotating the finger, without moving it.

Perform this procedure for a few minutes.

Now observe how you feel – chances are that the pain is already gone. If the pain is still there, let’s move to the next step.

Step 2

Look at figures 4 and 5.



You can see areas corresponding to wrists on the left and right hands according to Su Jok theory.

Find painful points on these areas.

Find a little stick with a not too sharp edge (a toothpick with a broken sharp edge, ball pen without ink, will do) to stimulate those points. If you really like Su-Jok you can purchase a special stick that you can see me using on the photographs. Press these points with a moderate effort and begin a slow rotation of the stick in two directions. Carry out this massage for several minutes (figure 6).


Also you can use a spring ring for massage these areas (See How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain ).

I am now confident that your pain in wrists has gone, but if this is still not the case, let’s move to Step #3.

Step 3

This step involves application of buckwheat seeds to the wrist area on the left or right hand. This is the same technique as explained in “How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain” step 3.

If you liked this self-healing technique, Self Healing Series has more self-empowering materials.

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  1. aarti koppar says:

    hello can you please post on artcle on preventing and curing RSI for golfer’s elbow. i once got it and every month for 10 days i get it on left hands elbow.


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