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Cramps of a spastic character in legs (mostly in the gastrocnemius muscles, located in the back part of the lower leg) often occur at night forcing the person to wake up, jump from the bed and to groan from a pain. Recently my uncle who lives in another city called me and told me that he had strong pains in gastrocnemius muscle and asked me to help him get rid of the cramps, which I did. Here is his story:

One night two month ago I suddenly felt a strongest pricking pain in gastrocnemius muscle of the left leg. I had a feeling that there was a huge needle inside my leg trying to burst out. The intensity of the pain was insane – I could hardly bear it. Towards the morning the pain went away and did not come back for about ten days. And then the pain came back with the same intensity. This time it didn’t go away in the morning, but persisted till afternoon, almost without a break in waves: one second sharp pain, the next second it’d go away, just to reappear again. It felt as if something was getting contracted inside my leg, either the muscles or the veins.

I visited my family doctor. He suggested that I try an ointment prescription, but it didn’t help. Therefore next I tried to find an alternative solution, and that’s when I remembered that Felix practiced alternative medicine. I made an appointment with him, and it was a blessing.

Felix applied acupuncture to the tips of my fingers and the pain immediately disappeared. It came back the next day with almost the same intensity and disappeared in about 10 hours. The next day the pain returned but with lesser intensity and disappeared in about 8 hours. That was the last time I had the pain. It’s been more than a month and I’ve been pain-free. Life is good again!

At the end of this article I shall show as I for have once cured my uncle, but this explanation is more for experts on Su Jok therapy. However first I’m going to teach you how you could get rid of this problem by yourself.

Muscle Cramp-Elimination Self-Healing Technique

Begin with a massage of middle and proximal phalanxes of middle and ring fingers on one of your hands.
Use a spring ring for this massage. You can order the spring ring from Internet. If you can’t find one use an ordinary elastic band. Make movements along the phalanx of the finger as shown on figures 1 and 2.



If you have a problem with your gastrocnenius muscles concentrate the movements on the middle phalanx and if the pain is above the knee concentrate the movements on the proximal phalanx. Do this procedure for a few minutes.

Now you are going to use Moxa to heat up the area corresponding to your gastrocnenius muscles. Light up moxa and bring it close to the middle phalanx from the interior of the palm. Keep it at distance of about 1cm (?”) from the surface of the skin. Apply the heat while moving Moxa along the middle phalanx, according to figure 3.


Do this procedure till your skin gets slightly red (but be careful not burn your skin – if it’s too hot move Moxa away and then try again).

At last take red felt tip pen and mark 3 points according to figure 4.


Treatment of the Case

Now I come back to the case described in the beginning of this article.

According to Su Jok theory my patient suffered from an excess of Coldness energy. The coldness energy according to this theory can be the cause of cramps in legs.

The goal of my treatment was to reduce the Coldness energy in structure of Liver meridian. For this purpose I made acupuncture of points that can be seen on figure 5.


If you liked this self-healing technique, Self Healing Series has more self-empowering materials.

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  1. nina says:

    Do you have any techniques for my face. My face gets really hot and flustered and produces a lot of heat- suffer from Roseasea.Anything to cool it down. Im not sure why – some say due to stomach digestion? Trying to avoid direct sun, hot drinks, baths and foods.

    • felix says:

      This one is would be difficult to diagnose/treat without seeing you in person first, therefore I recommend you pay a visit to a SuJok therapist.

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