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I have previously addressed to this topic in Knee-Pain Treatments where I shown an approach I used for knee pain treatment for my clients. Here however I would like to show you how you could get rid of knee pain by yourself, without needing to go to a specialist.

On reaching a certain age many people are prone to suffering from knee pain, when they sit down or stand up, and walk up and down stairs. Overweight people are especially susceptible to experience this pain.

Knee join deformation is the main reason for this pain. This deformation occurs in the course of many years. At the beginning it manifests by sending discomfort sensations in a knee and at a more advanced stage evolves into knee swelling and pain. The pain can involve the internal or the lateral aspect of the knee, or both.

When the knee is in pain, we tend to compensate with other body parts, in particular the femoral joints and the backbone, which are not designed to carry that extra load. After a period of such compensation, those body parts using to compensate for knee pain, start hurting as well. And off you go and start compensating for that new pain with yet other body parts, that are again not ready for that extra load. End so on, and so forth… Therefore it is very crucial to treat the knee pain as early as possible, not only because of the knee discomfort, but to keep the load off the backbone and femoral joints.

Self Treatment

Next I’m going to show you how to get rid of your knee pain or at least considerably reduce it. Using Su Jok theory, the first thing to do is to find the corresponding areas of the knee on your hand, and then stimulate those.
Find most painful points on one or several of the areas depictured on figures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 (for this purpose it is very good to use a massage stick ) and then massage these areas.







This is the same technique as explained in “How to Prevent Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)” step 2.

Next stage is to massage areas on your fingers (phalanxes of fingers ) corresponding to your knee using a spring ring. You can order the spring ring from Internet. If you can’t find one use an ordinary elastic band. Make little movements along the phalanx of the finger as shown on figures 7 and 8.



Do this procedure a few times a day.

The next step is heating up these areas with Moxa.

After that apply buckwheat seeds to the area corresponding to your knee either on the left or right hand. This is the same technique as explained in “How To Get Rid Of Neck Pain” step 3.

If you liked this self-healing technique, Self Healing Series has more self-empowering materials.

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2 Responses to “How To Get Rid Of Knee Pain | Self Healing Techniques Series”

  1. Mrs Janet Bawden says:

    Thank you for your advice I will certainly try this method. I have seen my doctor and had fluid taken off my left knee followed by a cortisone injection. For a couple of weeks it did seem better but now it is very painful. Last week I was reduced to a walking stick as I kept collapsing where my knee was giving out.
    I will certainly try your suggested remedy and if it helps I will email you with my findings.

    Many thanks,

    Regards, Janet bawden aged 69

  2. Cheri says:

    Thank you! My knees were killing me and I am work. I feel 10 times better!

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