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I have recently treated a few cases of knee pain. Here I want to tell you about two of them.

The First Case

A 80 year-old women came to me for the treatment of her knee. She came leaning on the stick. Her right knee was swollen and painful. Her right leg was slightly bent. She had been suffering from the knee pain for a long period of time. Recently she has visited an orthopedist and received an injection in her knee, but it only helped for a short time. The pain returned a few days later. Apart from this she felt quite well.


According to TCM we can deduce that the pain in her knee is due to invasion of Cold and Dampness in her body.

According to Su Jok theory this is the case of excessive Coldness and Humidity and Dryness energy in her knee.

A short introduction to the Su-Jok’s Six-Energy theory.

  1. The Wind energy – initiates all physiological processes, provides their growth and change.
  2. The Heat energy – makes active vital functions of an organism, raises metabolism.
  3. The Hotness energy – harmonizes all functions and systems, provides maturation of organism.
  4. The Humidity energy – creates the optimum vital habitat and the beginning of recession of all physiological functions. Also it controlls the liquid of the body.
  5. The Dryness energy – slows down metabolism, controls recession of all physiological functions and provides their protection function.
  6. The Coldness energy – controls the final stages of all physiological processes.

The age of my patient pointed to the Coldness energy.
The pain of the knee and her leg bending pointed to the Coldness and Dryness energy and little swelling of her knee to Humidity energy.


The treatment was directed for reducing the Coldness energy in the knee and tonification the Heat energy.treatment-knee-pain

Beside that, I put needles in the painful points on the basic corresponding system according to Su Jok therapy.

I continued the treatments for several months.

Now she walks without her walking stick and feels much better.

The Second Case

A man of 45 year suddenly felt pain in the right knee while doing sports. He decided to increase the intensity of his trainings hoping the pain will go away. But instead of getting better, his knee got worse. When he came to see me his knee was quite swollen and painful.


This is a local stagnation of Qi and Blood from overuse of the joint.


I performed the acupuncture according to TCM.

After seven treatments the pain and the knee swelling disappeared.

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