A Simple Detoxifying Diet (Seneca Indian Cleansing Diet)

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Here is a very interesting detoxifying diet from the book “Ageless Remedies from Mother’s Kitchen“, by Hanna Kroeger, the “Grandmother of Health”, drawn from over a half century of study in Health. She established the first health food store in USA in 1957.

This diet was contributed by the Seneca Indians.

First day

Eat only fruits and all you want. Try apples, berries, watermelon, pears, peaches, cherries, whole citrus fruits, and so forth, no bananas.

Second day

Drink all the herb teas you want, such as raspberry, hyssop, chamomile, or peppermint. You can sweeten the tea slightly with honey or maple syrup.

Third day

Eat all the vegetables you want, have them raw, steamed or both.

Fourth day

Make a big pot of vegetable broth by boiling cauliflower, cabbage, onion, green pepper, parsley, or whatever you have available. Season with sea salt, Himalayan crystal salt or broth cubes. Drink only this rich mineral all day long.

This diet has the following effects

  1. The first day the colon (your wastebasket) is cleansed.
  2. The second day you release toxins, salt, and excessive calcium deposits in the muscles, tissues, and organs.
  3. The third day the digestive tract is supplied with healthful, mineral rich bulk.
  4. On the fourth day the blood, lymph, and inner organs are mineralized.

That makes a lot of sense!

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22 Responses to “A Simple Detoxifying Diet (Seneca Indian Cleansing Diet)”

  1. skeptical says:

    That doesn’t make a lot of sense!

    Day 1: Of course you can’t eat bananas. Bananas were unknown to the United States prior to 1870, so they would be unknown to the Seneca Indians. Bananas are a high fiber food, they would be a good food to eat to so-called “cleanse your colon”. By eating a high amount of fiber, which is probably contrary to your current diets, you will automatically use the restroom more, because that’s what fiber does. It bulks your stool. Pumping a large amount of fiber will help you, for a lack of a better turn, poop more, helping you feel that you’ve emptied your colon.

    Day 2: What toxins are you releasing? You do not want to release large amounts of salt, as salt is essential to your survival. Have you ever heard of hyponatremia? Water intoxication? Hypercalcaemia is generally not something that you need to worry about, provided you maintain a healthy diet.

    Day 3: This might be the only part that makes any sort of sense. Eating lots of vegetables will provide you with fiber and lots of vitamins and minerals. Stuffing yourself full of them one day, and calling it good, though, is useless.

    Day 4: On Day 2, you want to eliminate salt from your body. Now you want to add salt to your body? Tell me, now, what is the purpose of ‘mineralizing’ your organs and blood? This seems almost contrary to Day 2.

    You can’t do a 4 day “cleansing diet” and claim to be healthy. Eating healthy daily is the key to good health. Not some gimmicky diet with a fancy name.

    Drink plenty of water, eat whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Eat lean protein sources.

    • Jane Cappelli says:

      I studied with Hanna in Boulder, CO back in 1996 on one of her Peaceful Meadow retreats. I learned about this cleansing and I have done it many times; I have found it an awesome way to jumpstart a weight loss regimen. Hanna was amazing and always used common sense. RIP dear Hanna!!!??

  2. Hooty says:

    Good post. Can you eat other food on the 2nd and 3rd days?

  3. admin says:

    Hooty: no

  4. kev says:

    I didn`t like the diet .Day one at two pm, I didn`t feel good .

  5. waner says:

    Can you eat a chili-cheese dog on day five?

  6. Graham Spink says:

    I’ve never met or even heard of a Seneca Indian, so I can’t compare their results, with any of the other cleansing diets…. I will rely on regular fasting to keep my system clean, as I don’t have the time to spend all day in “the small room”……..Anyway I like bananas too much !

  7. Crunk n Punk says:

    Waner….as long as you don’t put salt on your french fries.

  8. Jolie says:

    I have been on a number of fasts. The Seneca Indian Cleansing Diet I’ve done before. Ignore any negative comments here. The diet works and it has been approved by professionals. If you feel uncomfortable on, say, day 2 when you’re drinking nothing but tea – well, you’re supposed to feel uncomfortable. LOL Fasts aren’t comfortable.

  9. jaji says:

    Jolie, thank you for your positive comment. I was scrolling down hoping to read a comment from someone who actually DID the diet. This diet is highly recommended in health books. Oh, and the Seneca Indians do exist.

    • bhing says:

      I have read the Seneca Indian Diet. I am doing on my day 1 as we speak. It’s not bad at all. I am looking forward to my more fruit dinner. Give it a try before giving up. It’s a healthy alternative to juicing.

  10. Paula says:

    I have done this and am getting ready to do it again. Yes, the day you are drinking the tea, you may feel a little light-headed. I felt really good at the end of it….lighter, energetic—cleansed.
    Hannah Kroeger is a genius and I trust her.

  11. bennett says:

    I have done this cleanse once before and made it ti the fourth day and couldnt drink the broth. July 6th will be my second attempt, however I will make the broth myselfthis time around. The hardest day was day two with just drinking herbal teas. I was fine until I drank the tea, I instantly wanted something to eat. I woul definitely try this cleanse if you are skeptical, it’s def. mind over matter. My great- grandmother was Cheerokee so I do believ about bannas not being known to the Seneca’s. I ate bannas on my first day and attained favorable effects.

  12. J says:

    I have done this diet (sometime last year) and felt so re-energized that I am planning on doing it again this year. Personally, the beginning of day three was the hardest as the body is running off only tea from the day before, but eating the vegetables that day helps.

    However, this diet isn’t a lose weight diet and nothing ever replaces eating healthy everyday. It just helps you reset your digestive system, especially if you haven’t been very good to it.

    On day five you can eat anything you like. But, why would you want to instantly undo all the good work you did during the diet by eating high fat/cholesterol-filled junk?

    Also, bananas are under the perpetual debate of whether they are a natural laxative or actually a costive. I believe it depends on the ripeness of the fruit, but it’s just simpler to avoid it and find all sorts of other fruit you wouldn’t normally eat everyday.

    Long story short. I followed this diet and had positive results, if you have any concerns about how you’re body would react to it, talk to your physician.

  13. Ansley white says:

    I have done this cleansing diet three times and it really is amazing. I think not eating bananas has more to do with potassium/sodium ratio, like not eating carrots or potatoes for the vegetables. The first day I feel hungry especially when I eat apples, the second day I start to feel clean and not hungry at all, by the third day, I am hungry, by the fourth I make all kinds of broths to drink because I feel famished, and when it is over i eat something not too heavy.

  14. Della says:

    I am on day one of this diet and I feel pretty good. I just had half a wonderful honeydew melon. I had a banana, too, sorry. I also had blackberries, cherry tomatoes, apples and oranges. I am drinking lots of water and I look forward to the teas I have for tomorrow.

    I was at work all day and ate the tomatoes there because I forgot my fruit supply. When I returned home and ate the berries I was immediately rejuvenated. I had the fruit afterward and the melon for dinner?

    I’ll report back for day two.


  15. Della says:

    Day Two

    OK, before bed I ate the other half of my melon and drank some water. However, I slept well, and woke up feeling great. I drank a cup of coffee. I know, and two glasses of water. My stomach cramped a little but I had lots of energy and went to the park early to enjoy the cool morning. In Austin the days are often 100 degrees easy so a cool75 degree is golden. I had a walk in a butterfly garden, doodled and look at my goals for the weekend.

    After more water and another cup of tea I went to work. I wait tables at a local restaurant. No hunger all and I had my usual glass of water with lemon mid-day. I had a lot of energy too. Coming home I was a bit grouchy but a glass of tea fixed me up. I am drinking an herbal mint with a teaspoon of honey.

    Went shopping and was feeling OK but not great. Home finally at 7:30 I put on the kettle and did a meditation and a light stretch. I?ve just completed my tea and plan to relax and watch a movie. I?m sure I?ll have more water and tea before bed.

    Tomorrow I will have vegetables. I can?t wait to eat a tomato from my garden! See you tomorrow.

  16. myles says:

    have done this diet annually for the past 6 or so years…i really feel excellent on day 5…the very first year i did it was the most difficult, of course you won’t feel well on day one or day 2 because your body is craving fatty and salty foods…right now, i’m in the middle of day 2 and this has been the easiest of all (so far)…i now have my wife doing it and it helps to have a partner at times…there are other ways to fast, but this is something positive to do at least once a year; i think i will do it 2x a year or will try something different…also, do not exercise other than maybe a less than hour walk…your need to replenish muscles with protein after exercising and this diet does not provide protein…i work out hard before the diet, so i know my body has the opportunity to rest for 4 days…good luck and enjoy the benefits.

  17. FR says:

    I JUST finished this cleansing detox and it’s amazinggggggg! My face is glowing, I feel thinner, I feel refreshed, I feel cleansed! The last two days were the hardest for me, i wanted to shove a bag of pretzels down my throat and kept eye-ing the nutella jar but use ur will power it’s sooo worth it! :)

  18. Bex says:

    I have done this diet before and it does work. Although a banana is a healthy fruit, it is not a water-based cleasning fruit like the other recommended fruits on the diet. It is normal to feel light headed and to feel other minor discomforts while on this diet or any other diet for that matter. You body is releasing loads toxins at a rapid pace. You will not feel like you are at a spa on vacation…of course you will feel the effects, but common sense should tell you to seek professional help should the symptoms worsen. Not everyone responds to any diet in the same way.

  19. Luv says:

    I assume I can have as much water as I want on any of the 4 days?? The book I got the cleanse out of does not mention water but the book my dad got it out of years ago does.

  20. Dr Andrzej Caruk says:

    I have done this Seneca diet cleanse every year for the past 5 years and I feel lighter, more energetic than after just a water fast. Highly recommend it, and plan to do it even more often to feel healthier.

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