Coping with Mental/Emotional Problems after Surgery

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One day I run into a man who draw my attention, because his right hand hung limp. It was unusually thin and the muscles were atrophied. The right side of his face didn’t look quiet normal. The right eye was smaller than the left and his eyes expressed a lot of sadness. In our conversation he told me that several years ago he had an accident and had went thought several surgical operations. In opinion of the medical experts his right hand couldn’t be restored. Beside that, he had been suffering from a deep depression for a long time. He had no appetite and smoked a lot. He had bad dreams and he couldn’t sleep past 5am and he hardly ate. To add insult to injury he had issues with his sexual performance.

He didn’t work, because he had a disability. I wanted to try to help this man and I suggested that he come and see me.


First I run a computer test using the TestBalance device, according to Su Jok theory. You can see the results of the test in following diagram. mental-emotional-problems

The test has shown that his body was under an extreme stress. This can be seen in the diagram as there is a great deviation of energy meridians.

Both of the Lung meridians (Lu) were in a great deficiency which explained his sadness and his smoking. The Heart (Hr) and the Pericardium (Pc) meridians were in imbalance, which typically occurs when there is an stagnation of the energy circulation system, and which also explained my patient’s sexuality difficulties.

Deficiency of the Small Intestine (Si) and the Triple Heater (Th) meridians indicated that his organism was poisoned by irregular diet and smoking.
The energy meridians connected with the diet system: Spleen (Sp), Si and Stomach (St), were in imbalance, indicating serious disturbances in the system.
Excess of the Bladder (Bl) meridian pointed to the problem with his spine and hand, especially in his right side.


I performed Su Jok technique for treating depression (see Using Su Jok to Cope with Emotional Problems ) and to control his back pain I used massage in combination with Magnetic Acupressure Suctions Cups. I continued the treatments for several months. Now my patient feels much better. He now has an appetite and his dreams improved. mental-emotional-problems-after-treatment

Here is the diagnostics diagram taken after the treatment. One can see that now all energy systems of his organism balanced much better, but there is only one problem – excess of the Bladder meridian on the right side. This still indicates an issue with with his right hand, which hasn’t been yet resolved.

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