Mouth Ulcer Treatment

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A 25-year old man had been suffering from mouth ulcers for many years, when he came to see me. The ulcer was extremely painful and the area around it looked slightly swollen. The ulcer wasn’t permanent, but would come and go periodically. The patient consulted conventional medical specialists on multiple occasions, who gave him various prescriptions that only helped for a little while and then the ulcers would reappear.

(A mouth ulcer is an open sore inside the oral cavity. Typically it looks like a white oval on flesh with an inflamed red border.)


mouth-ulcerAccording to Su Jok theory the patient had an excess of the Dryness energy expressed in the painful ulcer. Humidity energy expressed in a swelling in the ulcer area and Heat energy expressed in any inflammatory process.

Here is the diagnostics diagram of my patient, that I performed using device TestBalance.

This diagram shows an excess of Heat and Hotness energy (Pc and Th), excess of AH – Dryness energy (Li),
Excess of UM – Humidity energy (Sp) and deficiency of the Wind energy (Lv, Gb).


I did two treatment sessions on this patient.

treatment-of-mouth-ulcer In the first session I put some needles to the painful points on the basic corresponding system according to Su Jok therapy. Thirty minutes later the ulcer was half the original size.

In the second session, on the following day, I performed Energy Flow Therapy. As known from TCM the window of the Stomach meridian is the mouth and according to Su Jok theory the mouth concerns to the Wind energy in the digestion system (Stomach). Therefore it was necessary to balance energy of Wind energy sub-branch (Gall Bladder) in branch Humidity energy (Stomach). treatment-of-mouth-ulcer-EFT

Two days later the patient reported that his ulcer disappeared completely.

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