Treating Abdominal Pain

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A 35 year-old women had been suffering from abdominal pain for several week weeks, when she came to see me.

(Abdominal pain indicates pain in any part of the abdomen below or just around the umbilicus).

She was very upset. The pain was on the left down side of lower abdominal and was not related to the menstrual cycle. The pain was aggravated with her bowel movements and when she moved. She visited her family doctor, made all tests and no pathology was detected. Also she had problems in her family and was depressed.


At first I performed a computer test using the TestBalance device, according to Su Jok theory. abdominal-pain balance-testThe results are summed up in the following diagram.

According to Su-Jok therapy the human body has six kinds of energy (six ki), that cooperate with each other. In healthy body they have been balanced (see Su-Jok Therapy helps Mother Recover from Depression after her Son’s Death). In our case we can see an excess of AH – Coldness (BL), AH – Wind (GB), AH – Dryness (LI) energy in the body (Yang energy). The pain my patient suffered from is expressed in the excess of Coldness and Dryness energy in her body. The excess of Wind energy is expressed in the pain connected to the movement and the stress. At the same time deficiency UM -Dryness (LU) and UM – Wind (LV) energy explains chronic depression among women.


sedation-of-the-branch-dryness-on-basic-drynessThe Su-Jok treatment was directed to sedation AH – Coldness and AH – Wind energy and tonification of AH – Humidity energy. This treatment I performed on byol-chakras.

In addition I did acupuncture to sedate the Dryness energy in the Bladder meridian in the location corresponding to the pain.

After three treatments her abdominal pain disappeared.

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