The Secrets of Weight Control

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There are many conflicting opinions on methods of losing weight and keeping it under control. While I was able to keep my weight under control during most of my life, I kept my eye on this problem and possible solutions, since I wanted to have a solution in case I were to gain weight.

There are diets out there that help lose weight, but the problem is that one gets the lost weight back and even more of it as soon as the diet is over. Quiet often diets have side effects that cause various illnesses which contribute to various disorder that cause excessive weight.

Before attempting to slim quickly, it’s important to know that unless you are very young it’ll lead to an awful look, as skin isn’t capable to shrink as it can in youth. If you are ready to pursue this idea, get ready to spend tons of money for special massages, cosmetic procedures, and maybe even plastic surgeries.

Some diets suggest to eat only one kind of food. For example: meat, cheese or vegetables. There are apple or sour milk-based diets. There are those based on blood type, etc. But think about it, if those diets were really successful would there be so many fat people out there?

The best way to approach the problem is to start early, in a childhood.

  • Don’t overfeed children from the very early age
  • Don’t feed them too much of fat and rich foods
  • Don’t get them used to sweets, chocolate and pop drinks

Ideally, child’s meal should consist of groat meals, dietary dairy products, meats and lots of vegetables.

Nowadays the majority of children and adults haven’t heard of porridge meals, but from early age they eat cheeseburgers with fries, and drink pop drinks. Modern children spend most of their time at school and at home in front of the TV and computer. Not many choose to spend much time outside, doing sports, dancing, etc. Fat children grow into fat adults, mainly because they can’t refuse the fat foods they got used to in their childhood.

Let’s start with breakfast. Now it is very fashionable not to have breakfast. Many of my acquaintances proudly inform me that they do not eat a breakfast. But it’s very important to eat a big breakfast in the morning, because from 7.00am till 9.00am the greatest activity occurs in our stomachs. Therefore at this time it’s possible to eat high-calorie meal which will digest well and provide a so need energy charge to use through the day, and it will reduce food-desire during the lunch time and for the evening meal. If hungry between the breakfast and lunch it is good to eat yogurt and fruit. During the lunch time it is necessary to eat a big vegetable salad, soup and a meat or a fish dish.

After a hearty breakfast and good (but not too big) lunch by the time evening arrives you wouldn’t be very hungry. Unlike the case where you haven’t had a breakfast or had a “bite” instead, and when the evening arrives you feel like you could eat a cow…

Be aware that when you exercise in the evening on an empty stomach, you might get quite hungry afterwards, as you burn a lot of calories and your body wants to replenish those making you hungry. Especially swimming, as water water burns a lot of calories. Eat something light, but nourishing some time before exercise. Personally I eat an egg, slice of bread with some low-fat cheese.

Here are some additional tips on the science of eating:

If you are going to a party, don’t go there hungry, as parties typically have foods that aren’t good for you in big quantities.

Avoid buffets, and if you eat in one, try to put everything you want to try at once on one plate, so that you could see the amount of food you are about to it.

Do not use spicy and fat sauces, since not only they are rich on calories, but they also raise appetite.

Now let’s return to the talk of how to structure the meals that are under your control. As mentioned earlier, a hearty breakfast followed by a medium-size lunch will ensure that you aren’t hungry in the evening. All is left to discuss is what’s best to be eaten during supper.

The ideal last meal should be light, which could be some fruit, low-fat cheese. It’s important to be aware that our stomachs stop processing food at around 4pm, and that’s why it’s the best to have most of the calories intake by that time. If you eat after that time, food will sit in the stomach till the next day…

A good suggestion here is to brush your teeth at around 7pm, which to some of us could help avoid the urge to snack.

Some of you may find it useful to weigh yourself every day. This allows you to detect any trends of gaining weight early, and deal with it by changing your eating patterns. Remember that people aren’t born fat, but become such, mostly through ignorance.

Sports were mentioned earlier. Sports are essential for staying slim, having good looks and good health. And while during 30s and 40s it’s still possible to stay thin without doing sports, it’s almost impossible once you hit age of 50, in my opinion.

I’ve been using the discussed strategies through most of my adult life and managed to keep my weight under control.

Indeed, it takes a lot of effort to change one’s habits, but the payoff is so big – now you can wear an elegant miniskirt and high heel shoes, and look and feel great.

(this article was written by my wife)

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2 Responses to “The Secrets of Weight Control”

  1. Forthac says:

    I would like some sources for many of the claims made in this article, specifically you give a lot of times with out explanation of whether these times are affected by wake time, etc. The one that got my attention the most was this one “It?s important to be aware that our stomachs stop processing food at around 4pm…” I’m not disputing this because I am not a doctor, however I cannot verify that this is in fact true, please clarify.

  2. admin says:


    From the point of view of the Chinese medicine circulation of energy in power meridians has the maximum and the minimum. Therefore when energy in these meridians is at the peak (maximum) that it is the optimum moment for processing food and when they are at the minimum (recession of energy) processing food is difficult. Power meridians connected with processing food are at the maximum up to 3pm.

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