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There are good habits which help us move through the day without using too much of energy and make us more productive. And there are bad habits that make our lives miserable at times.

There are many kinds of bad habits which fall into various categories, but here we will concentrate on the category known in Su Jok as “surplus of desire”. Some of us smoke, others drink, yet other eat a little bit too much. If you start paying attention to when those bad habits kick in, you will most likely notice that it’s when you feel anxious about something. You probably use drinking, eating, smoking or else to kill that other emotion that you feel uncomfortable about.

Now there is nothing wrong with you, we all have our coping strategies and using substance consumption is just one of the possible strategies. Here we aren’t going to talk about how to replace the more destructive habits with less destructive or constructive ones. For now I’m going to show you how to strengthen the will power, which will take care of those bad habits.

Self Healing Technique

bad-habits-week-1Attach according to the following picture seeds of an apple, a pear or grapes using band-aid or some other alternative.

Pay close attention to an arrangement of grains.

Leave those grains in place for 10 to 12 hours. If water gets onto the seeds, simply replace them with fresh ones and use a new band-aid.

Repeat this procedure three times during one week (.e.g. do it every second day).

The following week attach buckwheat grains according to the following picture. bad-habits-week-2(You can purchase buckwheat at your local supermarket).

Stimulate these points every time you have the urge to invoke your bad habit(s) (e.g. you have a desire to smoke or eat when you aren’t hungry). Leave these grains for two weeks, periodically replacing them with new ones if they get crashed or wet.

If you liked this self-healing technique, “Self Healing Series” has more self-empowering materials.

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