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I have partially addressed the issue of excessive appetite in How To Get Rid Of Bad Anxiety Habits, and this article provides a more in-depth coverage.

There are hundreds of various diets available. You can try one after another and get no long term results. The problem is not which diet to choose, but how to stick to it for long periods of time. The hardest part is doing it for a long period of time, and the main obstacle is the appetite.

You may have not known this, but having extra pounds requires more calories and therefore increased appetite. So it’s a chicken and egg problem. You want to lose those extra pounds, but those pounds make you eat even more.

So the key to a successful diet is in reducing the appetite. And the rest will follow.

Following are a few steps you can do to decrease your appetite and keep your weight under control. The techniques I’m about to describe come from Su Jok.

Step 1

Look at figure 1.


You can see projections of a stomach and a mouth on the palm according to Su Jok.

Massage the line connecting the stomach and the mouth only in direction from the stomach to the mouth. For this purpose put any finger of the right hand (if you massage the left one) in the center of a stomach area, then slightly press and move a finger in a direction to the thumb up to a mouth according to figure 1.

Step 2

Take a green felt-tip pen and draw a line between the stomach and the mouth in a direction of the mouth. This technique does a similar thing to the massage, but enhances it. In order to emphasize the direction of energy movement you could draw an arrow in the direction of the mouth as seen on figure 2. how-to-reduce-your-appetite-2

Perform this quick procedure before each meal. If the painted line gets erased after a while, make a new one.

Step 3

Take black felt tip pen and mark 4 points according to figure 3.


Using this color we reduce emotion of desire to eat.

Do this procedure in along with the diet you take (if any).

If you liked this self-healing technique, Self Healing Series has more self-empowering materials.

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