Getting Rid Of 10-Year Old Chronic Ulcer In 10 Days

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A 85-year old women had been suffering from a chronic ulcer in the internal side of her toe for many years. This ulcer made her life intolerable because it was hurting every time she walked. Every 2-3 weeks she had to go through special procedures which alleviated her condition only temporary. She saw many doctors but in vain, no cure was offered.

In addition to the ulcer she suffered from having varicose veins, pain in her joints and calluses.

When I’ve observed her ulcer, it was purulent with dark yellow edges. See figure 1:


Her skin was grayish and her legs had black pigment spots.


According to Su Jok theory my patient had an imbalance of six energy (See Knee-Pain Treatments).

The old chronic ulcer, grayish skin and black pigment spots pointed to an excess of the Coldness energy.

Joint pain, calluses and dry skin pointed to an excess of the Dryness energy.

The purulent ulcer and varicose veins pointed to an excess to the Humidity energy.

The patient had the constitution of UM-Dryness.


The treatment was made according to the Su Jok theory.

Sedation of the Dryness energy in the area of ulcer and the acupuncture of painful points in the basic corresponding system. See figure 2:


After six treatments performed within ten days, the ulcer completely disappeared. Now one can see a small white speck where the ulcer used to be. See figure 3:


The patient was quite shocked that in 10 days it was possible to get rid of her ulcer, that made her suffer for the last 10 years.

Update: Here is how the toe looks one month after the treatment took place.

getting-ulcer one month later

There is not even a trace of the ulcer in place.

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